A5 Series


Premium new toggle full electric series

New standard quality of plastic injection 

It is a premium power-saving injection molding machine that ensures precision of operation

by applying high specification AC servo motor and enable rapid processing with independent

control for each part.

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LINE UP 50-850 ton

Clamping Unit

01. New Toggle

· Application of new toggle for fast opening and closing and clamp-type toggle pin 

  fixing to increase the durability.

02. Automatic volumetric calibration

· Automatic volumetric force correction by detecting realtime volumetric change.

03. High energy efficiency

· High energy efficiency due to the high speed of opening and closing operations, 

  maintaining constant plate parallelism and little movement friction.

04. Center-press method

· Center-press method delivers excellent volumetric power in molds and uniformity of

  high surface pressure.

05. Wide tie bar spacing

· Equipped with a wide range of molds with increased tie-bar spacing and clearances

  compared to the same class.

Injection Unit

01. Enhanced plasticization capability

· Improved plasticization for fast, uniform resin melting.

02. Improved molding precision

· Prevent plate equilibrium problems caused by nozzle touch repetition to improve

  molding precision.

03. Improve space utilization

· Improved space utilization by unifying servo drive boxes.

Controller (IMC 500/ 501)

01. Compatibility

ㆍWindows7 Embedded 

ㆍOPC-UA (Euromap77)

ㆍGigabit Ethernet

ㆍUSB3.0, RS232

02. Specifications

ㆍDisplay : 18.5" / 24" 

ㆍResolution: 768 x 1366 / 1080 x 1920 

ㆍTouch screen: Projected capacitive 

ㆍCPU : Intel Celeron G3900E 1.7GHz 

ㆍRAM : SO-DIMM DDR3, 8192MB 

ㆍMemory: Cfast 32Gbyte MLC 

ㆍIP Grade: IP65(Front), IP20(Back) 

ㆍMachine: TH-A5, TE-A5, DL-A5 

ㆍLanguage: International language 

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