Speed Club

What is Speed Club?

스피드클럽 로고

We recommend you to install the Woojin Plaimm Speed Club application.

You can experience a variety of convenient services,
from technical consultation and A/S reception to injection molding experts,
real-time status check, and service result history inquiry, available anytime, anywhere.

Customer service process

  • STEP1

    Received SPEED CLUB APP registration information

  • STEP2

    Technical consultation with injection molding machine technical experts

  • STEP3

    Assigning an engineer in charge

  • STEP4

    On-site diagnosis and repair by the engineer in charge

  • STEP5

    Speed service complete

Integrated situation room operation

We are operating an integrated control room for real-time monitoring of A/S reception for Speed club mobile applications and efficient service provision.
Experts in each field are always on standby and technically suitable engineers are assigned through real-time meetings based on received information.

If necessary, you can connect to the integrated Control Room (Phone: +82 1644-0990)

Speed Club features and benefits

  • Expert consultation
    by field

  • real-time progress
    status check

  • service history
    simple inquiry & management

Speed Club service information

A/S(After Service) immediately dispatched

Woojin Plaimm's after sales service expert immediately checks the situation over the phone and is immediately dispatched for customer convenience.

Operating a before sales dedicated team

We are striving to improve the productivity of our customers by regularly checking the product status through regular visits and providing technical advisory services.

Mobile application support

Through the application, after sales service progress can be checked in real time and systematic management is possible.

Extended quality warranty period for major specific parts

We carry out thorough quality control on major parts to extend the free maintenance period in case of failures.

Woojin Plaimm CEO : Kim Ik-hwan
Address : Woojinplaimm-ro 100, Jangan-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungbuk (28913)
FAX : +82 043-543-1420
TEL : +82 043-540-9000
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