Schematic diagram of Super-Foam
Technology Introduction Super-Foam

Porous body shape

A technology that produces bubble nuclei by dissolving and dispersing inert gas (nitrogen) in a polymer, and forming a porous product by decompression during the injection process to grow and stabilize the bubble nuclei.
Features and advantages of Super-Foam

Quality improvement

  • Prevent shrinkage and deformation
  • Improving the quality of injection molded products (removing shrink marks, increasing dimensional accuracy, reducing distortion)

Lighter weight (there is a difference in foaming rate depending on mold and resin conditions and injection method)

  • 3-60% foam molding by controlling the ratio of applied resin and physical foam gas

Cost reduction

  • Physical foam molding reduces the amount of raw materials required for injection molding to produce products with a small amount of raw materials.

Increased productivity

  • Physical foam molding eliminates the holding pressure process, so the overall process time (cycle time) is shortened and productivity is improved.


  • Continuous and stable foam injection equivalent to that of general injection is possible

Energy saving

  • Energy saving effect due to lower heater temperature, clamping force, and injection pressure compared to general injection

Reduced maintenance cost

  • Low-pressure gas and about 60-70% of the general injection clamping force are used, so the load applied to the machine is small.
  • Resin is supplied to the gear, so the wear of the screw and barrel is low (the friction force is small)
  • Because it uses low-pressure physical foaming agent, separate pressure intensifying device and control device are not required.


  • A certain amount of physical foam molding is possible regardless of the type even without using a foam-only resin.

Other effects

  • Insulation, thermal insulation, cold insulation, cushioning, buoyancy (buoy), sound insulation, sound absorption
Super-Foam test references

Intake manifold (automotive)

  • Super-Foam
  • Meterial : PA66 + GF40%
  • 35% foam
  • Raw material reduction and product weight reduction
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Relieve post-shrink deformation

Roof rack (car)

  • Super-Foam
  • Meterial : PA66 + GF40%
  • 35% foam
  • Raw material reduction and product weight reduction
  • Cycle time reductio
  • Relieve post-shrink deformation

Cooling fan (industrial)

  • Super-Foam
  • Meterial : PP + GF40%
  • 10% foam
  • Raw material reduction and product weight reduction
  • Increased injection moldability
  • Relieve bending

Control box (home appliance))

  • Super-Foam
  • Meterial : ABS
  • 10% foam
  • Product structure can be simplified
  • Relieve post-shrink deformation
  • Relieve bending
Show room operation

We are operating a showroom for the development and sample injection of Super-Foam (low pressure microphysical foam injection molding machine).

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