G5 Series


Modern new toggle full electric series

Standard of Global Electric injection molding machine 

It is a premium power-saving injection molding machine that ensures precision of operation

by applying high specification AC servo motor and enable rapid processing with independent

control for each part.  

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LINE UP 50-400 ton

Clamping Unit

01. New Center press type platen structure

· Designed to concentrate more clamping force into the center of platen.

· Improving the precision of injection materials and extending the life of the mold

 due to the mold’s non-deformation during mold closing.

02. Applying L/M guide on moving platen

· Less friction resistance compared to tie bar bush.

· Improved precise position control (0.1mm -> 0.01mm).

· Shortening mold opening, closing time due to enhanced acceleration (0.3G -> 0.5G).

03. Improving automatic grease supply

· Improving the grease distribution method from sequential to quantitative

  supply method.

· Consistent supply of small amount of grease to reduce consumption and 

  prevent overfilling.

04. Applying Worm gear motor

· Reduce the length by applying a worm gear motor to models over 280 tons.

· Improves design and increases rear space utilization by removing protruding cover on

  the rear of the clamping area.

Injection Unit

01. High strength In-line Injector

· Injection housing and injection ball screw mounting part are composed of 

  one part (cast).

· Applying injection bed and L/M guide to charging area.

02. Screw Pitch and Length (L/D: 20/1 → 22/1)

· Improved plasticization capability enables fast and equal resin melting and reduces 

  cushion deviation rates.

03. Dual pull nozzle touch cylinder

· Maintain fixed platen’s right angle rate and injection moving part’s parallel rate even in

  repeated nozzle touch.

· Prevents mold locate ring damage and increase product precision.

04. High precision charging Control - Screw Reverse Rotation

· Preventing back flow of resin during injection.

· Decrease charging deviation (use reverse rotation after charging).

Controller (IMC 700)

01. Compatibility

ㆍEmbedded Linux

ㆍ10/100 Mbps Ethernet

ㆍUSB2.0, RS-232

02. Specifications 

ㆍDisplay: 15"

ㆍResolution: 768 x 1024

ㆍTouch screen: 5-wire Resistive type

ㆍCPU : Cortex-A8

ㆍRAM : DDR2, 512MB

ㆍMemory: NAND Flash, 512MB

ㆍIP Grade: IP65(Front), IP20(BACK)

ㆍMachine: DL-G5, TE-G5, NC-G5, TE-NC, TB-G5, VH-RG5

ㆍLanguage: International Language

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