G5 Series


Standard of Global hydraulic injection molding machine

Standard of Global hydraulic injection molding machine 

TB-G5 series is hydraulic energy saving injection molding machine with Korean technology

applied servo drive and controller and featuring excellent performance as well as energy


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LINE UP 90-880 ton (11 models)

Clamping Unit

01. Integral center press clamping structure

· Apply integral center press clamping structure which is designed to transfer the 

  clamping force proportionally to the platen.

· By stabled inner pressure transferring to mold, prevent damaging platen and extend

  the mold life.

· Maintaining the inner surface pressure equally to prevent the flash.

02. Apply L/M guide on moving plate

· Processing the L/M guide surface to Improve parallelism of clamping unit.

· Using less grease than previous roller type to sustain cleanliness.

· Apply high-load L/M guide to improve the precision.

· Enhanced durability to extend the part life and energy saving by friction reduction.

03. X shape platen design

· Optimized shape design ensures rigidity of platen and reduces inertia to manage 

  machine load and increase energy saving effect.

04. Platen control brake motor

· Keep user-set clamping forces and position values constant despite repetitive 

  clamping movement.

· Prevents clamping location moving from mold opening and closing movement.

Injection Unit

01. Dual pull nozzle touch cylinder

· Ensuring the stability of nozzle touch for improving molding precision.

02. Back pressure control by closed-loop

· Minimize the deviation between the user's setting value and actual figures.

 (This can cause improved back pressure controlling capability)

03. Dual cylinder for injection

· Symmetry positioned design injection cylinders on left and right for improved stability 

  and responsiveness as well as enhanced balance.

· Minimize the mechanical shock and defect in molding process during the

  injection cycle.

Hydraulic Unit

01. Type of oil tank circulation

· Independently equipped circulation line for oil cooling and filtering.

· Effective for enhance the hydraulic parts' durability, oil leakage prevention and oil's life 

  span extension.

02. Servo hydraulic system

· Reducing unnecessary motor operation by motion controlling system for less energy 


· Improved injection molding precision by accurate speed & pressure control through

  servo motive system.

· Reduction of cooling water consumption for hydraulic oil.

03. High pressure system applied to hydraulic equipment

· High pressure hydraulic system has been applied from 140 bar to 175 bar.

· Reduced size of oil tank is equipped due to less oil requirement by applying high 

  pressure system.

04. Applying seamless pipe

· Chemical coated seamless pipe applied and non welding type fitting equipped.

05. Using ELIKA PIM pump with Helical gear type MARZOCCHI brand pump

· Featuring prompt response time and high accuracy with optimized efficiency plus low 

  noise (Up to 280ton machine).

Controller (IMC 700)

01. Compatibility

ㆍEmbedded Linux

ㆍ10/100 Mbps Ethernet

ㆍUSB2.0, RS-232

02. Specifications 

ㆍDisplay: 15"

ㆍResolution: 768 x 1024

ㆍTouch screen: 5-wire Resistive type

ㆍCPU : Cortex-A8

ㆍRAM : DDR2, 512MB

ㆍMemory: NAND Flash, 512MB

ㆍIP Grade: IP65(Front), IP20(BACK)

ㆍMachine: DL-G5, TE-G5, NC-G5, TE-NC, TB-G5, VH-RG5

ㆍLanguage: International Language

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