Special purpose series


PALLET special series

Two platen half nut type pallet injection molding machine 

DL-A5(PALLET) is a fast and precise two-platen direct pressure power saving

injection molding machine with excellent space utilization with a beautiful and

practical exterior design, and a sturdy mechanism.

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LINE UP 1800~3300 ton

Clamping Unit

01. Platen Structure

· FEA finite.Increase mold installation weight by minimizing platen bending through

  small method design (ver.2).

02. Maximize Space Utilization

· Space utilization is maximized by easy attachment of large molds in low ceilings and 

  narrow spaces (ver.2).

03. Increased durability

· The application of U-shaped screws and tie bars increases durability due to stress

  dispersion effects.

04. Cycle Time Reduction

· Synchronized Half-nut locking controlling system to shorten the cycle time.

05. Location Precision

· Mounting a high-respond proportional valve on volumetric transfer part to increase

  position precision.

06. Implementing reliable switching behavior

· Flexible opening and closing cylinder left and right configurations for stable opening 

  and closing operation.

Injection Unit

01. Injection Back Pressure Closed-loop Control

· The user-set back pressure remains constant with closed-loop control.

02. Improved molding precision

· Prevent plate equilibrium problems caused by nozzle touch repetition to improve 

  molding precision.

03. Easy to manage screws and barrels

· It easy replacement and management of screws and barrels. (less than 1,300 tons)

04. Improve space utilization

· Unify servo drive boxes to maximize space utilization.

05. Energy Saving

· Energy savings through maintaining parallelism and reducing friction through the 

  application of LM guides to injection beds and metering parts.

Hydraulic Unit

01. Oil Tank Special Coating

· Improving internal cleanliness through special coating inside and outside the hydraulic 


· The specially coated oil tank prevents corrosion due to moisture and oil vapor 


02. Operating oil independent circulation

· Keep cleanliness and temperature constant through independent circulation 

  of operating oil (contribute to longer life of hydraulic oil and improved 

  durability of hydraulic components)

03. Prevent leakage of hydraulic pipes

· Seamless pipes, expansion tubes, and EO2FORM piping connections are strong against 

  high pressure and vibration to prevent leakage and damage.

04. Reduce energy and cooling water consumption

· Servo pump system reduces internal slippage to reduce energy and cooling water 


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