VH Series


Premium vertical series

Harmonization of technology and flexibility 

Vertical power saving hydraulic injection molding machine VH Series is a Woojin Plaimm’s

solution to users, who are seeking the answers for manufacturing quality and productivity.

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Product introduction

01. Direct pressure clamping device

· Clamping force is generated by center direct pressure boosting ram cylinder.

· Accurate clamping force setting by clamping pressure setting.

· Step seal and check valve applied to maintain clamping pressure.

02. Turntable device

· Accurate clamping force setting by clamping pressure setting.

· Precision control method to determine acceleration/deceleration and position through 

  digital pulse control of positioning servo driver.

· High precision rotating control by electric servo motor.

· Positioning type control method, position control is accurate regardless of load.

· Easy to set speed and rotate at high speed.

03. Application of various injection units

· Apply a wide range of injection units according to the characteristics of the molded


· Universal double injection cylinder structure.

· Simple structure and easy maintenance.

· The height of the injection unit is Low height injection unit.

· Applied to most of molded parts except for products requiring quick response.

04. Vertical In-Line Screw

05. Injection, multi-stage control and remote back pressure control

06. Ejector hydraulic circuit / oil cooling

· Composes a hydraulic circuit to enable multi-stage control of ejector speed and 

  pressure (basic 2 stages).

· Ejector in mold closing, nozzle advance, ejector in ejection is possible.

· When the ejector does not operate, the ejector pump circulates the hydraulic oil to

  cool and filter the hydraulic oil.

Controller (IMC 400)

01. Compatibility 

ㆍVxWorks Real-time processing system 


ㆍEthernet 10/100Mbps, CAN Bus Port, USB Port, Serial Interface

ㆍEnergy Monitoring and CMS System

02. Specifications 

ㆍDisplay: 15" 

ㆍResolution: 768 X 1024 

ㆍTouch screen: TFT Color Touch Screen 

ㆍCPU : lntel atom E3815, 1460MHz 


ㆍMemory: CompactFlash 32GB 

ㆍIP Grade: IP65(Front), IP20(Back) 

ㆍMachine: VHA, DL-A5, TH-A5, VHS

ㆍLanguage: International Language 

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