Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We focus our capabilities to create a better future for the mankind through quality-oriented global management that respects the values of people, technology and Win-Win.

  • Customer

  • Quality

  • Win-win Relationship

  • People

Customers are our core

  • Our future depends on receiving and maintaining support of our customers,
    and our survival is also guaranteed only by the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Regardless of our department or position, we judge all matters with the customer-oriented mindset,
    and give the best value to customer satisfaction.

Quality is our pride.

  • Quality is the pride of our company as a technology company that manufactures precision industrial equipment.
  • We guarantee the quality of our products anytime, anywhere through quality-oriented management.
  • In order to realize the best value, bold investment in technology development and perfect quality control must be made,
    and high quality and low-price policies must also be maintained.

Win-win relationship is the source of sustainable growth engines.

  • Since we are placed in a variety of human and material networks,
    we cannot expect any growth without respect and consideration for them.
  • Synergy can be created by more communication and cooperation
    with all of the company's stakeholders to form a sense of community of 'we'.
  • To this end, management must ensure continuous technology sharing and win-win management,
    and protect all stakeholders through healthy and transparent business operation.

People are the best asset.

  • Winning the hearts of customers and making high-quality products are, above all, done by people.
  • Since the future of the organization depends on the mindset and competence of each member,
    the management must take the initiative and set an example in education and redouble the capabilities of the members,
    and the members of the organization must not neglect to raise their own dreams and hopes.

Mid- to long-term strategy

Core technology

Patented technology related
to leading technology of
injection molding machine

Activate market

Marketing differentiation by
model and region,
promotion of strategy,
securing No. 1 market share

R&D infrastructure

Retain excellent research manpower,
research advanced technologies

Completion of
facility investment

Practice of quality management
at new business sites

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