Multi Series


Modern horizontal dual color hybrid series

'ONE-CYCLE' with dual resin 

NC-G5 is a dual power-saving hydraulic injection molding machine effective in improving

productivity by reducing assembly process and post-process when producing complex

molded products.

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LINE UP 130~220 ton

Clamping Unit

01. Wide tie bar spacing

· The structure of two boosting cylinders widens the tie-bar spacing and improves the 

  template to consider a wide selection of molds.

02. Mounting of locking cylinder and proximity sensor

· Improved turning position control by installing locking cylinder and proximity sensor 

  on the turning part of the template.

03. Use of 2 booster cylinders

· Direct pressure structure using two booster cylinders, located in the center of two 

  molds, so the precision of the product is less affected even if products with different

  average pressures (projection area)are molded.

04. Different materials can be molded

· Various molds can be installed and different colors and different materials can be


05. equipment of servo motor only for mold rotation

· Equipped with a dedicated servo motor for mold rotation to improve productivity and

  precise molding through fast rotation speed and precise position control, and

  improve reproducibility and energy savings by applying a servo pump system.

Injection Unit

01. Consisting of two horizontal injection units

· Consists of two horizontal injection units following

  characteristics and colors.

02. Stabilized plasticization

· Realization of stabilized plasticization by proportional back

  pressure control.

03. Easy precision control

· Separate control on the 1st and 2nd sides facilitates precise

  control following product characteristics.

Hydraulic Unit

01. Energy Saving and cooling water consumption

· Servo pump system reduces internal slippage to save energy and coolant usage.

02. Maintain cleanliness and temperature constant

· Maintaining the cleanliness and temperature constant with the independent hydraulic 

  oil circulation method.

  (contributing to the extension of hydraulic oil lifespan and durability of hydraulic parts)

03. Anti-corrosion

· Special coated oil tank prevents corrosion due to moisture and oil mist generation.

04. Strong corrosion resistance

· Improved internal cleanliness and strong corrosion resistance by special coating inside

  and outside the hydraulic block.

Controller (IMC 700)

01. Compatibility

ㆍEmbedded Linux

ㆍ10/100 Mbps Ethernet

ㆍUSB2.0, RS-232

02. Specifications 

ㆍDisplay: 15"

ㆍResolution: 768 x 1024

ㆍTouch screen: 5-wire Resistive type

ㆍCPU : Cortex-A8

ㆍRAM : DDR2, 512MB

ㆍMemory: NAND Flash, 512MB

ㆍIP Grade: IP65(Front), IP20(BACK)

ㆍMachine: DL-G5, TE-G5, NC-G5, TE-NC, TB-G5, VH-RG5

ㆍLanguage: International Language

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