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  1. QWhere can I check information such as terms of use and operation policy?

    You can check various terms and conditions and information by selecting the Settings button after selecting the menu bar at the top left.

  2. QCan I cancel push notifications?

    Push notifications can be allowed or canceled by selecting the Settings button after selecting the menu bar on the top left.

  3. QWhat happens to my history if I download the app again due to changes such as mobile phone carrier/device change?

    Unless you have withdrawn as a member, you can log in with your existing ID and your history will be preserved.

  4. QWhat happens to my existing records if I cancel my membership?

    In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, existing history will disappear.

    If necessary, you can check the history by contacting the customer center.

  5. QCan I check the information in the app if something is not being processed during after sales service processing?

    If any unprocessed request occurs, the status is shown as revisit planned the progress menu, and after sales service is processed by reassigning another employee in the customer center.

  6. QCan I check the result report details only through the app?

    You can check the result report in the app and registered email.

    However, you can only view the contents of the app's result report for the previous 15 days only, and only the history for reports that has passed 15 days.

    If you need the content, you can request it to be sent by email.

  7. QHow do I do authentication if it is not my mobile phone?

    The SPEED CLUB app ID is a unique ID for each customer, and can be used by employees belonging to the customer company.

    If necessary, fill out the corporate seal impression certificate and sign-up agreement, and the customer center can process it.

  8. QIs it impossible to install the app on iPhone?

    Currently we have only developed a version for Android.

    For iPhones and overseas personnel, future development is planned so that after service requests can be received using the website in the future.

  9. QHow do I change the main contact person?

    On the My Information screen, select the contact person information setting button, check the contact person to change, and then select the edit button.

    After that, check the main contact person on the relevant screen, and if the existing main contact person proceeds to verify his/her identity, it will be modified.

  10. QHow many people can register in charge of customer company?

    You can register up to 5 people.

  11. QHow do I cancel an after sales service request?

    If you click the Request Status button, the request history will appear.

    You can cancel the request by selecting View Details for the request you wish to cancel.

    (If the status is under processing or job completed, cancellation is not possible.)

  12. QWhen submitting a after sales service request, what if the customer contact information is different?

    You can edit or add by selecting the contact information setting on the member information screen.

  13. QWhat is a proactive troubleshooting?

    Proactive troubleshooting is a function that is diagnosed by an injection molding expert based on the after sales service request received, and solved by technical consultation over the phone.

  14. QWhat should I do if I don't know the exact symptoms in the symptom input field when submitting a after sales service request?

    You can select the symptom category and major category value as Other, and enter a simple symptom in the detailed symptom field.

  15. QWhat should I do if the product I have is not on the list when requesting after sales service?

    To add a product, please contact the customer center (1644-0990).

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