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  1. QWhat is CMS?

    CMS (Central Monitoring System) is a system that can integrate and manage information generated by each injection machine into one network.

    Production information and molding conditions generated by the injection molding machine are collected from the server computer and managed with a DB system, and real-time monitoring of the injection molding machine in the field is possible through the server computer from several remote PCs.

  2. QPlease tell me about the injection molding procedure.

    The sequence of injection molding is as follows.

    Temperature setting of injection molding machine and mold temperature controller, material drying check, melting quality check

    Injection machine check and setting (type adjustment, clamping force, mold opening and closing, ejector, nozzle, etc.)

    Mold check (Mold protection check, mold appearance and core check, cooling line check)

    Setting the improvement page (measurement speed, back pressure, spill prevention, etc.)

    Finding the measured amount (measuring amount: injection amount + expected holding pressure + cushion amount)

    Multi-stage injection (injection time, injection speed, injection pressure, injection distance, etc.)

    Set holding pressure and holding time

    Defect resolution and process optimization

  3. QI am curious about the main criteria of injection molding machine performance.

    The main criteria that represent the performance of an injection molding machine are clamping force and injection capacity.

    The clamping force is the maximum value of the clamping force of the mold, and the injection capacity is the number representing the maximum injection capacity of one shot.

  4. QWhere can I check the detailed specifications of the products?

    You can easily check it by downloading the catalog of the general specification book from the [PR Center-Catalog] menu.

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