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  1. QWhat restrictions am I subject to when using the works on the Woojin Plaimm website?

    Woojin Plaim Co., Ltd.'s website (hereinafter referred to as 'website') contains copyrighted texts, images, photos, videos, flash, sound, etc. Hereinafter referred to as'work'). These works are protected by Korean copyright laws.

    Therefore, if you wish to use it, you must obtain prior permission from the company, and even if you obtain permission, you must comply with the following requirements. 

    - You must not portray a corporation, organization, or product to be misunderstood as if it is sponsored, cooperated or guaranteed by Woojin Plaimm. 

    - You must not use them for any purpose that could defame the company and its products or give a negative image. 

    - If you need to adjust the size of the work, transform or process the work, you must obtain prior permission from the company. 

    - The company does not take any responsibility for any loss or consequences resulting from the use of the work. 

    - Under no circumstances should the entire page of the Woojin Plaimm website be copied and used. 

    If you use the work for reproduction, download, publication, distribution, source use, etc. without the company's permission, you are responsible for all legal responsibilities. In addition, linking the Woojin Plaimm website to the website of your company or organization requires permission from the company, and even in this case, it must be used with expressions notifying the fact of linkage such as "To Woojin Plaim website" or "to". 

    In the case of citing and using parts of Woojin Plaimm's catalog for personal or non-commercial use, it is not necessary to obtain company approval. 

    However, it must be used with an expression such as "the copyright of the above material belongs to Woojin Plaimm" to indicate that the copyright belongs to Woojin Plaimm. 

    In addition, it should not be used for the purpose of slandering Woojin Plaimm and its products, and it must not be used in an appearance that can be mistaken as if you or your company, business, or organization are sponsored, cooperated, or guaranteed by Woojin Plaimm. 

    If you intend to use it for commercial purposes, you must obtain prior approval from Woojin Plaimm's legal audit team.

  2. QDo I have to join as a member to be able to use Woojin Plaimm website?

    Although you can use many services in Woojin Plaim even if you do not sign up or log in separately, but if you register as a member, you can use some major services such as detailed quotation and My Page.

  3. QWhat if I want to change my password and personal information?

    To change your password and personal information, please log in and use the [My Page] menu at the top right of the website.

    For the normal use of the services provided by Woojin Plaimm, please keep your address, phone number, and e-mail address up to date.

  4. QWhat should I do if I forgot my ID and password?

    If you forget your ID and password, please use [Find ID/Password] at the bottom of the login page.

    You can search by entering the registered e-mail address on the ID/Password search page.

    We will send your ID and temporary password to the e-mail address you registered at the time of registration.

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